Hi, I’m Stephen Wharton here, making my presence felt. I’m putting MY PLAN in place to “live my dream”. Its all about success … success brings all sorts of wealth … not only financial but it all starts with the amount of resources you have at your disposal … and financial resources are good resource to have because it brings FREEDOM. And freedom is the best wealth to have.


Almost the whole World is asleep …. almost everybody you know …. almost everybody you see …. almost everybody you talk to. But those few people who are awake live in a state of constant and total amazement !!


I guess I’m saying that the World of Stephen Wharton is coming from a different place than most people I know or associate with; even my family.

(I think my family believe I am a bit weird because of my interest in Quantum Physics …… QP …..and how the World / Universe works ….. and more importantly …… how your own sub-conscious mind works and utilizes the laws of quantum physics, which direct / govern / create everything …….  everything in our lives).

I still have a long way to go to being able to understand QP to the point of not being confused by it; but I believe I can use the knowledge I regularly build on to change my life situation/s for the better, or should I say to my perception of better, because everyone’s version of a better life is different. The “bottom line” is that I’m “on track and moving forward” and continuing to learn and gain confidence in what I can achieve in regards to implementing MY PLAN.

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