Hi, I’m Stephen Wharton here, making my presence felt. I’m putting MY PLAN in place to “live my dream”. Its all about success … success brings all sorts of wealth … not only financial but it all starts with the amount of resources you have at your disposal … and financial resources are good resource to have because it brings FREEDOM. And freedom is the best wealth to have.


Almost the whole World is asleep …. almost everybody you know …. almost everybody you see …. almost everybody you talk to. But those few people who are awake live in a state of constant and total amazement !!


I guess I’m saying that the World of Stephen Wharton is coming from a different place than most people I know or associate with; even my family.

(I think my family believe I am a bit weird because of my interest in Quantum Physics …… QP …..and how the World / Universe works ….. and more importantly …… how your own sub-conscious mind works and utilizes the laws of quantum physics, which direct / govern / create everything …….  everything in our lives).

I still have a long way to go to being able to understand QP to the point of not being confused by it; but I believe I can use the knowledge I regularly build on to change my life situation/s for the better, or should I say to my perception of better, because everyone’s version of a better life is different. The “bottom line” is that I’m “on track and moving forward” and continuing to learn and gain confidence in what I can achieve in regards to implementing MY PLAN.

About My Life and My Music.


The life of Stephen Wharton is not something that will make headlines or cause people to be in awe.

Music to me is my “chill out” and at the same time it is my “sanity check”, my meditation, my happy drug.

I suppose (this) Stephen Wharton is a pretty boring guy by most peoples standards.

I don’t drink, smoke, gamble or go out with wild women. (I’m in my 60’s and pleased that I’m keeping fit and healthy.)

Partying? Parties? They’re a joke. Define parties  ….. boring people acting out of character “with a little help from their friends”……. the drugs (alcohol / whatever).

That’s my take anyway! Yes I’m opinionated ….. apologies ….. but if you don’t think that EVERYBODY is opinionated you’re wrong.

I’m comfortable with the fact that I don’t need to leave my (boring) reality to be happy with my life. I get excited and fascinated by the natural world we live in …. the detail in nature that everybody else passes by I find incredible. There is an unexplored universe in our own environment just as exciting as the one outside the Earth’s atmosphere. If there were enough of “US” that had this appreciation we might stand a chance of saving this wonderful planet for future generations.

So you see I have my life’s pleasures and it doesn’t include having to drink to excess or take other social drugs to change my alter-ego to impress or have a pleasurable time in the company of others.

My pleasurable life is my wife, my family, a few friends, my dog, a very few self indulgent hobbies, the most important of which are learning internet marketing, riding my mountain bike, doing something positive for the environment through my work and private interests, and my music.

Just keeping active through exercise, enjoying leisure-able activities like watching movies and great TV series, listening to my music and “chilling out” in my garden or the bush makes me at peace with myself. The bush is my form of meditation.

I can’t do without a bit of cycling every week. I especially love my mountain biking time with my 2 sons and brother-in-law every weekend. What makes the greatest pastime ever is that it “happens” in the Australian bush that I love.

When I’m a bit “down”, all I need to do is to “get into” my music and / or go for a ride in the bush or around my community and I can change back to being me    …………………   and I’m happy with “being” me, Stephen Wharton, with my simple life’s pleasures and MY MUSIC ……… rock and blues that is.

It’s as simple as that  ……. and Stephen Wharton’s life is “that simple”.

NEWS ALERT : Guess you can see I love my music … so I’m absolutely stoked that my son’s band BURNSIDE have released their second album on I-Tunes. After their first great album called EVOLUTION …… (a must have album because it ROCKS) they are releasing a condensed album (which used to be called an E.P.) and it is called RISE. Do yourself a favor and go listen in November 2016.

NEW NEWS ALERT : BURNSIDE BAND have done it. They released the new E.P. titled “RISE” as alerted above in November 2016. Absolutely awesome tracks, 6 in the main list with 2 Bonus tracks. THEY JUST KEEP GETTING BETTER!!